Friday, May 21, 2010

lauahan ummu [pd 11.5] 1st page here...hmm.. i think nothing that i can write here..hhaha..ckp r sekdr permulaan jerk at what u know,sume niey skdr luahan rse kt somebodi yg wt kte rse bnci gtu @ what so ever yg negatip r..huhu...ha ! wt mse nie , nme yg tersenarai por my page , pn.kari . i dun know what wrong wif her.. i know,she's my teache..but , i cant focus on her c,as..huhu..that's y she realy dislike me and also me...hahhah...the fact is,i really2 dun like her even she is a teacher and who teach me that subject hahah..siot an ??pedulilah . wakkaka

xioma leixi